The best Thai foods to try in Dubai

The best Thai foods to try in Dubai

Thai food is international cuisine known for its distinctive freshness and exotic fragrances. The recipes use ingredients plus extravagant seasoning that takes you to the heart of Thailand, whether you are enjoying native rice dishes, curries, or soups.

Dubai, being an extravagant city, offers the best of everything. You can choose to enjoy the best Thai food in Dubai from 5-star restaurants or have a revolutionary experience with the best street vendors in town. And in Dubai, the chefs ensure that you do not have to travel to Thailand to enjoy authenticity.

Here are the best Thai foods to try in Dubai.

Pad Thai Noodles

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Pad Thai is an everyday meal on menus across Thailand. It does not matter if you are getting your food from a noisy stall by the market or from the finest restaurant in town. Pad Thai will be on the menu.

In Dubai, Pad Thai remains to be a signature dish for Thailand. It comprises rice noodles, cut thin or thick. Usually, the noodles are then stir-fried with crunchy bean sprouts, eggs, fresh prawns, onions, grated peanuts, and tofu cubes. Some restaurants offer a lime wedge with the food for a sour flavor that brings your taste buds to life.

Little Bangkok restaurant and the Royal Budha are among the best places to find perfectly cooked Thai-style stir-fried noodles.

Tom Yum Goong

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Tom yum goong, or what you may better know as spicy shrimp soup, is a typical but delightful meal famous worldwide, Dubai included. The meal, which comprises soup with unique flavors, combines the flavors of lemongrass, shallots, lime juice, fresh chilies or chili paste, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, and fat juicy prawns.

With a single bite of the meal, you can be sure that you will enjoy the very best flavors of Thailand. However, first, you notice not the taste but rather the fragrance. The fresh ingredients used to prepare the meal give it a characteristic, unique and exotic aroma that gets you going, even before taking the first bite.

For the best tom yum goong, you can visit Little Bangkok, Pai Thai, or The Royal Budha. Thiptara, Wise Kwai, and the Mekong are excellent restaurants serving Dubai’s best tom yum goong.

Khao Pad

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Khao Pad, or Thai fried rice, is another typical dish that you can find anywhere along the streets of Thailand. In Dubai, you can get the same food with flavors that take you to Thailand. It is among the foods you can eat to get over your homesickness.

Khao Pad includes ingredients such as garlic, onions, and rice. You also need a source of protein, usually chicken, shrimp, beef, or crab meat. The cooking technique is also straightforward. Usually, everything is fried over a fire until the chef achieves the perfect blend before serving it.

Some places touch up the recipe by serving the food in a pineapple shell with raisins and cashew nuts.

A single bite of the food will rupture your taste buds. You can feel yourself traveling from Dubai to Thailand. The best part about Khao pad is that you can find it even in Thai street food vendors at affordable prices.

For the most exquisite Khao pad, you can try visiting Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant or Khao Siam. Innlay Asia is another excellent place to have a Khao pad.

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai (Green curry)

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Your experience with Thai food cannot be complete without tasting the gaeng keow wan gai, or you may know it in simpler terms, green curry. The dish, a famous curry in Thailand, uses green chili peppers as the base.

Therefore, if you enjoy hot food, this is the best Thai food in Dubai for you. The sauce used in creating this dish uses coconut milk seasoned with spices and herbs. Hence, you can expect to find basil, shallots, ginger, turmeric, garlic, and kaffir lime leaves in the soup.

Most cooks use eggplants and potatoes as vegetable dishes to add to the meal. You can go with either seafood, beef, or chicken for your proteins. However, unless you specify, most orders come with chicken meat.

Being an everyday Thai meal, many restaurants offer it on their menus. Thiptara, Tong Thai, Pai Thai, Little Bangkok, and the Royal Budha are the most recommended spots for fresh and savory gaeng keow wan gai.

Som Tam

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Som Tam, is arguably the best-known salad dish in Thailand. The spicy green papaya salad is a specialty in the Northeastern regions of Thailand. It comes in different forms, but if you are going for the classic green papaya salad, the recipe includes red chilies, lime juice, tamarind pulp, palm sugar, green papaya, and fish sauce.

Some vegetables like carrots, runner beans, and cherry tomatoes are added during preparation. The dish also contains some pulverized peanuts and dried shrimp for texture. So, when you order som tam in Dubai, you should feel all the flavors, ranging from sweet to sour, savory, and spicy to salty.

A trip to Pai Thai and Little Bangkok will be rewarding for you.


No matter where you are, you can still find time for food. If you are traveling the world and want to enjoy the delicacies of your country or try something else, Thailand is an excellent place to start. In Dubai, you can find an assortment of Thai cuisines that will give you a taste of Thailand. Some places make some cuisines better than others do, but if you want real authentic meals, the list above should help you find what you need.

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