7 Most Popular Fast Food in Australia

Most Popular Fast Food in Australia

The fast-food industry is quickly growing in the world. Huge fast-food franchises are expanding continuously, and now, most of the ones you know already have an outlet in Australia. Today, more than 16 million Australians above 14 order from fast food outlets daily.

This might be the reason behind the boom of fast-food chains like McDonald’s KFC, Hungry Jack (An Australian Burger King), Domino’s Pizza, and local fish and chips joints.

In Australia, McDonald’s is the leading fast-food restaurant, followed closely by KFC. Hungry Jack comes in 3rd, with Domino’s Pizza taking 4th. Subway, Red Rooster, Nando’s Grill’d, and Guzman Y Gomez follow in that order, with Pizza Hut closing in the list of top 10 fast-food restaurants in Australia.

With this list, you can almost already tell what Aussies like to take for a quick bite.

The top-rated fast foods in Australia

With the list of quick-service restaurants in Australia, you can almost deduce what the most popular fast foods in Australia will be. But you do not need to guess. Here are the most ordered fast foods in the Australian market.


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Burgers are the parents of fast food. They come in different combinations, from which you can select your best set. For instance, McDonald’s has a list of delicious burgers you can try. Some include cheeseburgers with 100% Aussie beef, ketchup, pickles, onions, mustard, and cheese. Their Big Mac also uses 100% Aussie beef, but instead of one patty, they use two.

The burger market in Australia is wide, from restaurant-made burgers to fast food outlets. The Big Mac and Hungry Jack’s Whooper continue to fight for a place as Australia’s favorite fast food. KFC’s Zinger burger follows, with Macca’s Quarter Pounder and Bondi burgers closing the top-rated burgers in Australia.

But one thing is clear: if you want food quick and want it on the go, then a cheeseburger from one of the outlets listed above should get you through the day. Moreover, you can always order your burger with a side of French fries for the best experience.


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Fried chicken is another favorite fast food among Aussies. The making could range from chicken nuggets to Popcorn chicken from KFC. Butter chicken is also another favorite.

The chicken comes in different forms. It could be buffalo wings, Korean-style, country fried, grilled, nuggets, or broasted. Today, chicken is the second most popular fast food item in the Australian market.

Aussies enjoy their chicken in sandwiches, burgers, strips, wraps, or plain fried chicken. You can find chicken on almost all fast-food restaurants’ menus, from McDonald’s to Nando’s.

Fish and Chips

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You can tell that fish and chips are a favorite among Australians when they have over 4000 shops. Fish and chips are an essential menu, especially in pubs and restaurants.

The most common fish on the menu is basa and the New Zealand Hoki. The popular fast food dish consists of fried fish coated in a crispy batter. It is then served with chips (french fries)

If you are up for a hot meal, then Oceans & Paddock, Pink Flake Best Fish & Chips, and Hooked on Middleton Beach Fish & Chips are excellent places to get your meal in Australia.

Meatball Sub

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Subway goes over and beyond to present the best combination of Italian-based meatballs with melted mozzarella on crusty Italian bread. Now, add some parmesan cheese on there, and you will be eating the best sub on the planet.

The meal features bread, grated cheese (pecorino romano, parmesan, or Parmigiano Reggiano are good choices), and mozzarella. You also get to eat some authentic Italian meatballs with subway custom sauces.

Usually, the preparation resembles making a pizza, where the bread is first coated with a generous layer of their sauce before adding meatballs. Cheese comes on top of the meatballs, which are popped into the oven.

Subway is the best place to find authentic meatball subs, and that will not be a problem with over 1200 outlets across Australia.

Bacon & Cheese Rippa

Image Source: Red Rooster

Sometimes, you want to eat comfort food that gets you in a good mood right away. That is what a bacon & cheese rippa from Red Rooster does for you.

The recipe used by this fast-food chain ensures that every customer gets a crunchy roll filled with juicy fried tenders, bacon slices, cheese, and mayo. To finish off, they add BBQ sauce.

Red Rooster is home to the best Bacon & Cheese rippa.

Grilled Chicken Burritos

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Mexico is famous for its hearty, spicy, and delicious meals. However, their burritos are over the top. Now, in Australia, grilled chicken burritos are a favorite fast food.

The recipes include flour tortillas, succulent grilled chicken, Australian jack cheese, some black beans, fluffy brown or white rice, and some vegetables of your choice.

Guzman y Gomez, Bay City Burrito, and Burrito Bar Australia are some places where you can find the best-tasting grilled chicken burritos in Australia.

Beer Battered fries

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The recipe is as it sounds. It comprises crunchy potato wedges dipped in light beer batter. The meal is common on menus across pubs and bars across Australia. Usually, most bars will cook them from scratch using potatoes, plain flour, lemon pepper, salt, beer, and vegetable oil.

Final Thoughts

The quick-service market has been growing for years, and Australia is experiencing a boom. The fast-food restaurants in the island country continue to increase, and more people keep eating their favorite fast food. Now, there is no saying what you can eat or not, but if you are looking for the best varieties, the fast foods listed above should get you started.

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