Chinese Food In Greenbelt MD

Chinese Food In Greenbelt MD

Chinese foods are among the most exotic type of foods served in Greenbelt. They are prepared with a unique blend of diverse spices, granting them the ability to exist in wide varieties. Using staple ingredients such as rice, tofu, meat, noodles, chili, and oil.

Greenbelt has seen a rise in exotic food consumption, with the Chinese foods attracting most of them. Evident by the number of Chinese restaurants opening, getting your Chinese food is now more straightforward. Are you a Chinese in Greenbelt or a resident needing some Chinese cuisine?

Worry less, as below is a list of the best Chinese foods you can find in Greenbelt MD.

Best Chinese foods in Greenbelt

Chinese foods are among the best exotic foods that you can find here in Greenbelt MD. Their ability to combine the many colors, flavors and aromas in one meal has gained them much popularity among Greenbelt inhabitants.

Best Chinese foods to try out in Greenbelt include:

1. Chow Mein

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Chow Mein is a famous traditional dish made up of stir-fried noodles. It contains some sweet, savory, and fulfilling flavors from the sauces used. It is a first-course meal and thus can be accompanied by many other foods like meat and veggies.

Chow mein combines fresh egg noodles, sesame oil, boneless chicken, oil, garlic, cooked ham, soy sauce, rice wine, caster sugar, and spring onions. The primary taste of the noodles is highly dependent on the sauce’s flavor; thus, marinade the sauce to perfection to experience the best taste. Cook the noodles with the chicken soup for a uniform taste.

Chow mein is majorly accompanied by the desired sauce. It is readily available in The East Pearl, Good Jerry, and the Kenny sub shop.

2. Dumplings

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Dumplings are famous Chinese foods consumed across the globe. They have a long traditional history of over a century and are salty and savory in flavor. They have an addictive taste that renders them among the most consumed foods in Greenland.

Dumplings combine flour, salt, warm water, red cabbage, minced garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, ground pork, pepper, mushrooms, carrot, and shrimp. Preparation of these dumplings necessitates making the perfect accompanying dipping sauce. Again the sauce greatly determines the taste of the dumplings, thus ensuring the best sauce.

Served with other dishes such as soup and second-course meals, it is available in The East Pearl.

3. Peking Duck

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Peking duck is among the most traditional food featured on Greenbelt menus. Being the national dish of China, it is a highly sought-after dish across all Greenbelts restaurants. It is a lip-smacking meal that can be accompanied by other meals such as rice and soup.

The Peking Duck combines a whole duck, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, ground cloves, soy sauce, honey, onions, plum jam, and chopped chutney. Cook until a crispy skin is evident. Though it involves a lot of work to get it well done, it is worth the time and effort. Ensure that you season it a day or days before the cooking day.

It is majorly served with steamed buns, crispy fried rice, and spring rolls.

4. Nian Gao

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Also referred to as sweet rice or Year cake, Nian Gao is a classic traditional food eaten in the new year. It is famous as it offers various ways to consume it. You can eat it when hot or cold; chewy best and has a marvelous texture. Nian Gao is sweet, sticky, and chewy.

Ingredients involved in making the Nian Gao are glutinous rice flour, sugar, and water. Preparation is easy and quick to accomplish. The three ingredients are mixed and then steamed until it is cooked through. Frequently add water during steaming as it is crucial to be cooked by high-pressure steam.

It is mostly served as a snack and can be accompanied by dipping sauce or afternoon tea. It is best served In Beijing of Green belt, East pearl, and the Good Jerry.

5. Stinky tofu

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Though it has a nasty and unappealing name, stinky tofu is quite a delicious meal. It is Chinese fermented tofu with a strong odor. It is a versatile side dish that can go with other plenty dishes. Fermented in Brine and meat, it has a distinct texture and aroma.

Stinky tofu combines cubed tofu, fermented bean curd, potato starch, oyster sauce, garlic, parsley, white vinegar, powdered fennel, and vegetable oil. The tofu is soaked in white vinegar and the fermented bean curd. Soak for a minimum of 48 hours and dry them thoroughly. Boil with garlic for the aroma.

It is served with parsley and other meals such as rice and soup. It is served in  Beijing of Greenbelt, East Pearl Asian Bistro, the good jerry, and the Mandarin Delight.


Chinese food has become an easy to acquire food here in Greenbelt. When you wish to have Chinese food or when it is your first time trying a Chinese dish, above are the best meals you should consider. To fully enjoy the food and heritage that comes with Chinese foods. Chinese restaurants here in Greenbelt strive to bring you the best and most authentic foods. Utilizing fresh and aromatic ingredients, Chinese food has gained much popularity among Greenbelt inhabitants.

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