Chinese food in Lynn

Chinese food in Lynn

Chinese food has long been a favorite food choice by Lynn residents. Judging from the increased number of Chinese restaurants in Lynn, it is evident that the demand and consumption of Chinese food are on the rise. The recipes use China’s staple foods, like tofu, rice, soy, and chili.

Lynn is strategically positioned to facilitate the growth of the food industry. Chinese heritage and culture are well represented in the streets of Lynn, as finding Chinese food in Lynn is now more accessible and simpler. Determining the best food to get, whether as a newbie or a regular eater, can be a tricky decision, and thus we prepared a list of the best Chinese food you can find in Lynn.

Best Chinese Foods in Lynn

Chinese foods have plenty of colors, fragrant flavors, and outstanding taste. They provide a pleasant food experience as they prioritize using fresh and flavor-rich ingredients in all their foods. With the wide variety of food options, getting to know the best food served in Lynn is a hard decision as most are exquisite and iconic foods.

The best Chinese dishes in Lynn MA are:

1. Hot Pot

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Hot Pot is among the most heritage foods currently served in Lynn restaurants. It consists of a simmering soup pot in the middle of the table with other accompanying dishes on the side. The broth used is the primary determinant of the taste of the other foods.

Hot Pot enables eating various food all at once. Hot Pot comprises sliced meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu, dumplings, and noodles. Foods cooked in a hot Pot are often cut into small manageable sizes, making picking and selecting easier.

Hot pot foods can be accompanied by any dressing or sauce fit to consume according to the broth. Restaurants in Lynn that provide hot pots include the Flame Hot Pot and Sushi and the Cheng restaurant.

2. Dumplings

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Dumplings are famous traditional leavened dough with various fillings that are sweet or salty, depending on the filling used. They are highly consumed across Lynn for their distinctive and savory flavors.

Dumplings are products of mixing flour, salt, baking powder, vegetable oil, warm water, broth, and parsley. Preparation involves making the outer dough cover and preparing the specified fillings, whether vegetables, pork, or beef. A dipping sauce best accompanies it.

You can then order the dumplings garnished with chopped parsley. It is common in New Style Asian foods, Lucky dragon, and the Beijing restaurants.

3. Chow Mein

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Commonly referred to as fried noodles, Chow Mein is a stir-fried vegetable dish served with fried noodles. It possesses a sweet and savory food variety. However, the sauce used is the major determinant of the taste.

Ingredients used to come up with this dish are dried egg noodles, sesame oil, skinless chicken breasts, groundnut oil, finely shredded ham, soy sauce, rice wine, and caster sugar. Preparing the chow Mein involves getting the best out of the noodles by using the necessary top-ups. Chow Mein is a side dish that can accompany other main dishes, such as fried rice.

It is better served with the preferred type of sauce. Restaurants in Lynn offering Chow Mein are China Sails, New Style Asian Foods, Lucky Dragon, and the Asia Garden.

4. Fried Rice

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Fried rice is a dish made by boiling or steaming rice and adding add-ons like vegetables and eggs. By applying different types of seasoning, fried rice achieves several tastes, from sweet to savory, depending on the quantity and type of seasoning used. Fried rice can sometimes be the main dish, while it is a side dish at other times.

Ingredients used in fried rice include cooked chilled rice, eggs, carrots, onions, green onion and peas, garlic, garlic, soy sauce, and oyster Sause. Always use cold rice and vegetables to achieve colorful and well-fried rice when preparing fried rice. Fried rice is highly versatile and can be served with many other dishes.

Fried rice is among Lynn’s most highly served dishes in Chinese restaurants. Most menus serve rice with soup and sauces. A visit to the New style Asian, China Sails, and the lucky dragon can satisfy your need for fried rice.

5. Twice Cooked Pork Slices

Image Source: originalcuisine_1

The twice-cooked pork is a traditional dish obtained by boiling pork rib steaks in hot water. Over the years, it has become Lynn’s most preferred food in Chinese restaurants. It entails two main flavors fragrant and spicy. It is a first-course meal and is majorly accompanied by fried rice.

Twice-cooked pork combines ingredients such as pork ribs, ginger, oil, broad bean paste, garlic, green peppers, medium leek, Shaoxing wine, soy Sause and sugar. For easy preparation, always boil the pork first, then slice it into pieces. The hot bean paste is the most recommended paste to use in the twice-cooked pork dish. Cook until the peppers and leeks are cooked but are a little crunchy.

It is served with rice or other side dishes like noodles or soup. You can be able to find twice-cooked pork in New Style Asian, China Sails, Beijing restaurant, and the Green Tea restaurant.


Obtaining Chinese foods in Lynn is now an easier and faster process. You do not have to be in china now to enjoy the best china foods, as there are Chinese restaurants that provide the food here in Lynn. The best foods to choose from in the Chinese variety are as discussed above.

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