Cheap Food Near Caesars Palace

Cheap Food Near Caesars Palace

Since the opening of the grand Caesars palace by Jay Sarno in 1966, it has remained a staple of the Las Vegas strip. It is among the top vacation spots, with other 4,000 guest rooms.

You can watch raunchy comedy at Caesar’s place, take food tours, see the magic happen, or even visit the grand canyons. However, in all these, you will take breaks to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

So, where can you find cheap food near Caesars Palace? Here is a list of the top most affordable foods near Caesars Palace and where you can find them.

Cheap food near Caesars Palace

Las Vegas has become very popular for chefs. You can find their restaurants in nearly all major hotels, and they make very delicious food. Las Vegas, or Sin City, as many know, packs a rich diversity of food. The mouth-watering and insta-worthy bites you get from Las Vegas are good, whether you get them from the best restaurants or the food vendors on the streets.

But if you are on a budget, here are some foods to try:

1. Burgers, fries, and shakes

Image Source: bobbysburgers

A tour in Las Vegas is incomplete without tasting one of their world-shaking burgers. The recipes will vary depending on the restaurant you are eating from, but the flavors remain iconic among them.

One of the best burgers you can enjoy is from Bobby’s Burgers. The dish comes with a side of fries and different toppings, and dipping sauces. You also get a milkshake, and for affordable prices.

Alternatively, you can try Truffles N Bacon’s burger, which comes with 2, 2-pound patties sandwiched between a bun and topped with tomatoes, tots, jalapenos, barbecue sauce, ranch, cheddar, jack, and pork belly.

The pastrami burger from Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar is another street favorite food.

2. Sandwiches

Image Source: togos702

A nicely prepared sandwich can kickstart your day, keep you going or close the day’s events on a high note. You can enjoy it on the go, seated down, or even when you are relaxing by the window.

In Las Vegas, sandwiches are among the most affordable and readily available dishes you can get. You can order one for your room, enjoy it at a restaurant, or buy it from a food truck as you go about your adventures.

Starbucks, located near the Forum Food Hall, is another good spot for affordable sandwiches.

You can try Buddy’s Jersey Eats, Eatwell at The Cromwell, or Ike’s Love & Sandwiches if you want something else.

3. Corn

Image Source: dirtdoglv

The hotdog selection you get near Caesars Palace is no joke. You can choose to sit at a restaurant and order a hotdog or get one from the vendors as you take your afternoon tour.

One of the favorites in Las Vegas is Dirt Dog, just 0.3 miles from Caesars Palace.

This corn is a spicy option, a flavor it gets from the spicy cheese puff used to cover the snack.

The recipe includes a twist to the classic Mexican corn, in which they grill the ear in butter and lime-mayo sauce.

To top it, the specialists add a layer of crushed hot Cheetos, cilantro, and melted cheese to finish the recipe.

You can enjoy this type of corn as you walk or take a seat and savor all the flavors. It is best enjoyed hot, with the melty cheese stretching with each bite.

4. Pizza

Image Source: eatpizzacake

Any visit to America is not over unless you have had a slice of pizza, knowing that it is among the country’s favorite foods. Pizza tastes different depending on the person making it, but Las Vegas gives you the best options to choose from.

You can get traditionally Italian pizza from places like Pizza Cake by Buddy Valastro, Secret Pizza, Sbarro, or the Pizza Press.

In any of the recipes, you can choose the toppings you want, but the best ones use ingredients such as parmesan, tomato sauce, basil, fresh olive oil, and your toppings of choice.

You can also find delicious pizza from Pizza hut, Pisa Pizza, or DiFara Pizza.

Remember, the best way to enjoy pizza is with friends while it is still warm.

5. Crepes for breakfast

Image Source: _mj_sweet

After a long night partying hard, an excellent breakfast should get you ready and going for the next day of fun. Crepes are an excellent option since they are delicious and not too heavy for the stomach.

In Las Vegas, there are good crepe spots that serve their dish per their menu. Some excellent spots for crepes include 48th and Crepe, T-Swirl Crepe, and More.

The sweet and savory crepes can be served with parfaits, fruits, ice cream sundaes, bagels, and other sweet treats, as you prefer. You can also have them with a cup of coffee or juice.


Las Vegas can be an expensive city to visit. You need to balance your budget between accommodation, fun, and food. That is why you should know the cheap foods to eat and where to enjoy them. Suppose you are going down to Las Vegas Boulevard to Caesars Palace. In that case, the list of foods listed above will be an excellent way to save cash while enjoying some of the city’s finest and most exciting dining experiences.

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