Best Fast Food in Albania

Best Fast Food in Albania

Although Albania has managed to resist the hostile takeover many countries are experiencing with fast food, you can still find some restaurants that offer your favorite fast food. Although international brands like McDonald’s, Nando’s, and Domino’s are not in Albania, local chefs are not shying away from the challenge.

Starbucks is also not in the country, but you can see a KFC, one of the first American fast-food restaurants to set camp in Albania in 2016, on the streets. Therefore, you can expect some fast food recipes from them.

Top Fast foods in Albania

Although McDonald’s is not yet in Albania, you can enjoy your guilty pleasure from one of the many fast food outlets in the country. KFC and Burger King might be the most familiar choices, but local joints like Kolonat, Big Bite, and Goody’s are just as good. Mr. Chicken, Gjiro Kamara, Grill House, and Mediterranean Fast Food are excellent alternatives.

Some of the fast foods on their menus include:


Image Source: properpizza

Traveling to a new place and enjoying new recipes makes you miss home. If you enjoy having the occasional pizza with your family, then having a slice or two with friends will surely help your homesickness.

In Albania, you can enjoy different recipes for pizzas from countless fast-food restaurants in the country. You can taste some of the best-made pizzas at a good pizza place.

However, Proper Pizza is the best place to have a pizza in Albania. Here, you can dine in or take away your favorite pizza; with all the extras you want. You can ask for extra cheese, toppings, or size. You also get to enjoy freshly made pizza

Alternatively, you can visit Pizzeria Pavarotti, a special pizza spot that uses ingredients shipped from Italy and prepared carefully by the best chefs. Big Bite, Pizzeria Saporita, and Pizzarte are excellent spots for freshly made pizza.

If you are Muslim and want to indulge in some fast foods, you can visit Halal Fast Food’s pizzeria sector. Here, you can find all sorts of pizza.


Image Source: goodysburgerhouse.albaniaA

Another top fast food you can enjoy while in Albania is burgers. The best part about burgers in Albania, like most parts of the world, is that you can choose the combination that goes on your bun.

You can go with freshly crisped out chicken or a meat patty from beef. The toppings on the burger can include pickles, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheese.

Some of the softest and moist but not-falling-apart burgers you can have while in Albania would be from KFC, Burger King, and Goody’s Burger House.

Fried Chicken

Image Source: kfcalbania

Fried chicken comes in many ways. You can order it crunchy or juicy, spicy or plain salty, but one thing that remains constant is that fried chicken is delicious. You can attribute the dish’s deliciousness to its perfectly salty and oily skin, usually covered in seasoned batter.

In Albania, fried chicken can be an accompaniment to French fries or pizza, or you can have it as a solo meal. Albania also offers Korean BBQ-style chicken, with all its deliciousness and flavor.

Mr. Chicken, KFC Bllok, and Tfc Tirana fried chicken are excellent places to find perfectly fried chicken.


Image Source: serendipity_tirana

Tacos are among the foods that have traveled furthest in the world. So, visiting Albania, you can have your tacos from the best nearby spots.

Tacos comprise lean ground beef. For the best taste, chefs do not usually drain the oil that oozes out of the beef when making tacos. This fat makes the tacos super flavorful and not too greasy.

You can find classics like onions, cilantro, and lime for the toppings. Others, like fish tacos, have finely minced cabbage as a topping. Some restaurants offer tacos topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and Pico de Gallo.

You can have the best variety of tacos in Albania at Serendipity the Mexican, Serendiville, or Wild West.


Image Source: serendipity_tirana

Mexico is the root of all burritos. Today, you can find some of the best Mexican-inspired burritos in Albania.

The standard burrito features seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, chili sauce, refried beans, and sour cream. The contents come wrapped tightly in a tortilla, alongside a coleslaw, bean salad, and rice with chipotle or coriander rice.

The bottom line is that you can eat your burrito with anything on the menu. Some restaurants even offer burritos with chicken rather than beef.

In Albania, you can try your best Mexican burritos from Serendipity the Mexican, Serendiville, and Fast Food Piceri Shpetimi.

Fast beverages

Image Source: nonnon_sumo

Part of a fast-food meal is a beverage to cool down your throat or wash down your food. In Albania, the fast-beverages range in size, ingredients, and, most importantly, flavor. You do not need to have your fast beverage from Starbucks.

In Albania, you can get your favorite cold or a hot drink from the same place you get your fast meal. You can order a soft drink or a cappuccino from Burger King or KFC. On the other hand, you can order a beer, wine, or water from Opa, Gjiro Kamara, or Goody’s Burger House.

Final Thoughts

Albanian cuisines are usually healthy, but you can choose a day where you indulge in your favorite fast food from your favorite restaurant.

And when that day comes, you can choose from the assortment of burgers, fried chicken, burritos, pizza, and many more options you can access from the fast-food restaurants scattered across the country.

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