11 Street Foods You Must Eat in Dubai

If you’re looking for a food adventure, it’s time to head over the Dubai. The city is best known for its extravagant luxury and sky-high buildings, but there are some hidden gems in this bustling metropolis that don’t require a lot of money or effort to find. One such gem is the street food scene. In this post, we’ll take you on a culinary tour through 11 different street foods that you need to eat if you’re visiting Dubai!


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To start off our list, let’s talk about Ragagza. This traditional Emirati breakfast dish is a flat thin bread stuffed with cheese, cream or an egg. It can be served either sweet or savory depending on preference, but it should always be served fresh so that the bread remains flaky and crispy!


Yes, we know this one is a bit of an “obvious” choice for those who already live in the Middle East. However, if you’re not familiar with it and want to try something new—give hummus a chance!

The hearty dip is made from ground chickpeas that have been cooked down with tahini sauce, lemon juice, garlic and salt! It can be served as a side or an appetizer depending on taste buds.

Prawn Popcorn

Shrimp-lovers would be pleasantly surprised to find out that Dubai has a unique and delicious twist on their favorite snack: prawn popcorn! The snack consists of a light batter that’s made from flour and turmeric powder which coats succulent shrimp before being deep-fried to perfection.

Dango (Boiled Chick Peas)

If you’re craving something classic, Dango is the perfect dish to satisfy your palate. The classic Middle Eastern snack is made by boiling dried garbanzo beans in water with salt then serving them warm along with olive oil, garlic or lemon juice – or all three! This dish is often eaten as an accompaniment to Ragag.

Shish Kebab

These grilled meat skewers are a staple dish in the Middle East and they’re found on every street corner! You can opt for beef, lamb or chicken shish kebabs depending on taste. The dish is served with a side of flatbread and various vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes or pickles.


As far as street food goes, there’s nothing that beats falafel. The classic Middle Eastern snack consists of ground chickpeas and fava beans that are formed into balls then deep fried in vegetable oil until crispy! It’s usually served with a side of salad or pickles for crunchy texture—and it tastes even better when wrapped in flatbread!

Zaatar bread

Another staple of the Middle Eastern diet is Zaatar bread. The round-shaped flatbread gets its flavor from zaatar, which is a mixture of dried oregano and thyme mixed with olive oil. Zaatar can be thickly spread onto the dough or sprinkled on top for extra taste depending on preference.


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You can’t make a list of street food in Dubai without mentioning Chebab. The dish consists of eggs, sugar and saffron cooked in a circular pan without stirring until lightly browned on both sides. The dish is usually eaten for breakfast or as a light snack during the day.


This dessert is a traditional Egyptian dish that’s made by frying batter in sesame oil then adding honey and sprinkling with powdered sugar. The crunchy outside combined with the sweet inside makes this treat perfect for any time of day!


The most popular street food in the Middle East is Shawarma. The dish consists of meat that’s slowly roasted on a vertical spit then sliced off to be served with vegetables and tahini sauce wrapped in flatbread or pita bread.


Last but not least, we end our list with a sweet treat: Luqaimat! This Emirati dessert is made with a simple mixture of flour, yeast, and sugar that’s deep-fried to create dough balls. The sweet treats are then served warm alongside honey for dipping.

Final Words

Street foods are a staple of the Middle Eastern diet. If you’re looking for something new to try, this list includes some popular dishes that can be found on any street corner in Dubai! We hope these suggestions will give you an idea of what types of food are available and inspire your next meal or snack. Which dish do you think is most interesting? Let us know below.

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