7 Street Foods You Must Eat in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city with plenty of amazing restaurants, cafes and bakeries that have been around for centuries. However, the street food scene in Copenhagen has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Food carts are popping up all over town to offer quick, delicious meals at low prices. This blog post will introduce you to seven of my favorite street foods you must try while visiting Copenhagen!


When you are strolling through the beautiful streets of Copenhagen, there is one snack that will catch your eye more than any other. Covrigi, also known as pretzels in English, is a popular street food snack across Europe and can be found selling out of carts all over Copenhagen.

This Romanian snack consists of a tube-shaped dough, which is baked and covered with different toppings such as sesame seeds, poppy seeds or salt. Make sure you grab one when they’re still warm because once they cool down, their taste and texture just isn’t the same.


While Covrigi is a popular snack across Europe, Spandauer are exclusively Danish. This traditional Danish doughnut is covered with powdered sugar and filled with raspberry jam or vanilla custard. These are best when eaten fresh out of the oven while they’re still warm and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

You can find Spandauers just about anywhere throughout Copenhagen, but for the best experience, I would recommend stopping by one of the bakeries that specialize in them.


Now that you’re done with breakfast, it’s time to get started on lunch. Frikadeller are one of my favorite street foods in Copenhagen. This traditional meatball dish is made from minced pork mixed with bread crumbs, eggs and seasoning before being fried until golden brown.

Frikadeller are usually served with a side of rye bread and pickles to make it a complete meal.

Pork Sandwich

When you think of street food in Copenhagen, a sandwich probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you’re looking for something quick and filling then I would recommend stopping by one of several stalls around town serving up Pork Sandwiches.

This dish consists of slices from a roasted pork knuckle served between two buns with pickled red cabbage and a sauce made from mustard, garlic mayonnaise and onions.

Danish Shrimp Salad

For those of you who are looking for a healthier option, look no further than the Danish Shrimp Salad. This salad is incredibly popular in Copenhagen and consists of shrimp marinated in mayonnaise with onion, and cabbage on top.

It’s then all topped off with fresh parsley to help give it that extra kick. You can find this dish being served up by street food vendors all around town.

Hot Dog

For the North American travelers, this dish may not be very exciting but it’s an iconic street food in Copenhagen and a must-try when visiting the city. Hot Dogs are served on buns and topped with a variety of different toppings such as ketchup, mustard and pickles.

The best part about these sandwiches is that you’re able to find them just about everywhere in Copenhagen, so it’s an easy meal for any traveler who gets hungry.


After a long day of exploring the streets of Copenhagen and eating all this delicious food, it’s time to end your night with something sweet. Flødeboller are Danish chocolate balls that consist of marshmallow nougat covered in dark chocolate. These tasty treats will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth so make sure you grab one before heading out for the night!

Final Words

Copenhagen is filled with amazing street foods that will make your visit a memorable one. These seven street foods are just some of my favorite things, but there are countless more options when looking for something tasty and filling in Copenhagen. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family, hop on a plane to Copenhagen, eat your way through the city and enjoy!

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