10 Must-try Street Foods in Amsterdam

Must-try Street Foods in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a fun, new food experience in Amsterdam then look no further than street food. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 10 of the most delicious and interesting street foods that will have your mouth watering. From Dutch favorites like Herring to international treats such as Frites, there’s something for everyone!


These fluffy mini pancakes are a great way to start off your day. They can be found in almost any traditional Dutch food stands but if you want to try some from the best, then look for one that specializes in poffertjes! The batter is made up of eggs, flour, milk, and yeast which gives them that fluffy texture.

The batter is cooked in small metal pans which are traditionally placed over open fires and usually served with powdered sugar and butter but you can also get them topped with other delicious toppings such as fruit or chocolate.

Raw Herring

The Dutch are well-known for their love of seafood and raw herring is one dish that’s eaten in many homes across the country. This fishy meal consists of raw herring fillets served with onions, gherkins, sour cream, and bread to create a perfect snack or light lunch when visiting Amsterdam.

The best part about eating raw herring in Amsterdam is that it’s sold just about everywhere, so you’ll never have trouble finding a stand to try this local delicacy.


Speaking of fish, let’s take a moment to talk about kibbeling. This deep-fried fish, usually made from cod or a similar whitefish, comes in bite-sized chunks and can be served with any number of delicious sauces such as tartar sauce or aioli which adds an extra flavor to this dish.

You’ll find Kibbeling stalls all over Amsterdam so it’s easy to try this traditional snack while seeing the sights.


Everywhere you go in Europe, you’ll find french fries and Amsterdam is no exception. The Dutch call them Patat or Frites but there are a few things that make these French fries different from their international counterparts.

First of all, they’re fried twice which creates a crispy outside and fluffy inside that you won’t find anywhere else.

Second, they’re served with mayonnaise rather than ketchup! If you want to try some of the best french fries in Amsterdam then be sure to stop by any frite stand or street food stall because it’s impossible not to find one nearby.


Bitterballen are a part of the Dutch cuisine and they’re not going to be easy for you to forget! This savory dish consists of small, fried meatballs that have been rolled in breadcrumbs before being cooked. You’ll usually find them accompanied by mustard or tomato sauce which adds an extra kick that compliments this food perfectly.


Croquettes are a popular snack in both Belgium and The Netherlands, but they’re made slightly differently depending on where you find them.

In Amsterdam, croquettes usually consist of a mixture of beef or veal that’s been chopped up into small pieces before being mixed with breadcrumbs and then deep-fried. This results in a crispy outside and a warm inside that’s perfect for those who love meat.


Croquettes are great, but if you want something even more unique then be sure to try a frikandel. This snack consists of minced meat that’s been rolled into the shape of sausage before being deep-fried or grilled over an open flame. They’re typically served with mayonnaise but they can also be found in a sandwich alongside cheese, onion, and tomato.


If you’re a cheese lover, then Amsterdam’s kaassoufflé is the perfect dish for you to try while visiting. These little pockets of heaven are made up of a crispy exterior and warm, gooey cheese on the inside that’s sometimes mixed with bits of ham.

The cheese used in Amsterdam’s kaassoufflé is typically Gouda which means that they’re perfect for those who love their food smothered in gooey deliciousness.


This list simply wouldn’t be complete without a deep-fried fish and the Dutch take this to heart with Lekkerbekken. This delicious snack consists of battered fish that’s been fried to perfection before being sprinkled with salt for added flavor. This dish is a favorite among Amsterdam locals, so it’s definitely worth adding to your must-try list.


The best way to end this list of must-try street foods in Amsterdam is with a sweet treat, so let’s talk about stroopwafel. This waffle is made up of two thin layers that are filled with rich, gooey caramel and then sliced into pieces to create the perfect street-side snack for any time of day or night.

Not only do they taste great, but stroopwafels are also very cheap so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck when indulging in this sweet treat.

Final Words

The Dutch take the art of street food to heart and these 10 must-try dishes are just a sampling of what they have to offer. From traditional snacks such as kibbeling, bitterballen, or croquettes to more unique options like frikandel and stroopwafels, there is something for everyone at every turn in Amsterdam’s streets. If you’re looking for some new flavors while visiting this city then be sure not to miss out on these tasty treats!

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