10 Varieties of Street Food in Rio de Janeiro

If you’re looking for an authentic Brazilian experience, then there’s no better place to go than Rio de Janeiro. From the stunning beaches to the lively streets filled with street food vendors, Rio is a magical place that will take your breath away. It’s hard to decide what type of food you want when there are so many varieties available! In this post, we will explore 10 different types of street food found in Rio de Janeiro.


Churrasco is Brazil’s version of barbecue and it can be found in every single neighborhood throughout Rio de Janeiro. The name comes from Portuguese and it literally means “barbecue.” Churrasco consists of marinated meat that is then skewered onto metal rods to be barbecued over an open flame. This traditional Brazilian dish can include beef, chicken, pork, sausage or steak depending on your personal preference.


Another dish you cannot miss while traveling in Rio de Janeiro is coxinha. A favorite snack of Brazilians, this dish consists of shredded chicken meat molded into a shape resembling a teardrop, battered and fried to perfection. After it’s deep-fried, the outside becomes crispy and golden brown while remaining tender on the inside. Coxinha is often served with a spicy sauce to give it that extra kick, but you can also find it in several different varieties. Coxinha might be small, but this street food dish packs quite the punch!


This popular street food dish originates from the Afro-Brazilian community and consists of black-eyed peas formed into patties along with onion, garlic, salt and pepper. These are deep fried until crispy before being served alongside the hot sauce. The Acaraje patties are then stuffed into sliced bread to give it that extra layer of flavor. You’ll find several places throughout Rio de Janeiro selling this tasty vegetarian snack, so make sure you try one before your trip is over!


The next type of street food that you should definitely try while visiting Rio de Janeiro is Churro. You’ll be surprised to find out that this popular dessert originated in Spain, but it has since become a staple throughout Latin America. This popular street food treat is made from a dough that has been extruded into hot oil, which makes it crispy on the outside while remaining soft and chewy on the inside. Churro vendors in Rio de Janeiro will often roll the dough into a tubular shape, deep fry it and then coat it in sugar before serving. Make sure you try one on your trip!

Frango Assado

Another popular dish among Brazilians is Frango Assado, which consists of slowly roasted chicken that has been marinated in a mixture of garlic, oregano and lemon juice. The result is crispy skin and tender meat that will have your mouth watering the second you smell it. You can find this delicious street food dish just about everywhere throughout Rio de Janeiro so stop by any local vendor to give it a try!

Empadinha de Camarao

Rio de Janeiro is known for having the best seafood in all of Brazil, so don’t forget to try their Empadinha de Camarao while you’re there. This dish consists of a dough wrap filled with shrimp, onions and garlic which are then deep-fried until golden brown. The result is crispy on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside which makes it absolutely irresistible. This dish is commonly served with a side of spicy sauce to give it that extra kick.

Bolinho de Feijoada

If you’re a fan of black beans, then Bolinho de Feijoada is the perfect street food dish for you. This popular street food consists of black beans shaped into balls then stuffed with onions, olives and spices before being deep-fried to give it a crispy exterior. This dish is then served alongside a spicy sauce that perfectly complements the flavors of the Bolinho de Feijoada.


The perfect drink to accompany any of the delicious street food dishes listed above is a Caipirinha. This delicious drink can only be found throughout Brazil and consists of cachaça, sugar and lime that has been crushed before being mixed together. The result is a mouth-watering cocktail with an aroma so intoxicating you’ll want to drink it all in one sip. Make sure you have a glass of Caipirinha during your stay in Rio de Janeiro to get the full Brazilian experience!

Bolinho de Bacalhau

While in Rio de Janeiro, make sure you stop by any local bakery to try their Bolinho de Bacalhau. If you’ve never tried this popular street food before then prepare yourself because the second your mouth touches that crispy exterior and soft chewy interior; there’s no going back! This dish consists of codfish that has been shredded then formed into patties along with onions and spices before being deep-fried to give it a crispy exterior. These are served alongside the hot sauce which adds an extra layer of flavor to these already tasty street food treats.

Sausage Sandwich

One final dish you should try while visiting Rio de Janeiro is the Sausage sandwich, which can be found in various neighborhoods throughout Rio de Janeiro. This popular street food dish consists of a thick beef or pork sausage that has been roasted and placed inside a fresh roll with lettuce, onions and tomato for extra flavor. This tasty snack can often be found throughout various neighborhoods throughout Rio de Janeiro, so make sure you stop by one of the many vendors and try it for yourself.

Final Words

Rio de Janeiro is full of delicious street food dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. Whether you’re a meat-lover or enjoy seafood, there’s something for everyone in Rio de Janeiro. Make sure to try these popular street food dishes during your visit and don’t forget the Caipirinha!

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