Best Mexican Food in Australia

Best Mexican Food in Australia

Authentic Mexican food is more than salsa. Proper Mexican food has a lot more to offer. It is spicy and delightful, and you can get a wide variety to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The recipes include staple ingredients from Mexico, such as rice, beans, and tortillas.

The only difference between Mexican food in Australia and the food in Mexico is the variety. While you would not need to find a Mexican restaurant back in Mexico city, you have to purpose your search when in Sydney or Melbourne. That said, here are some of the best authentic Mexican foods you can enjoy while you visit Australia

The best Mexican foods you can find in Australia

Besides the fajitas and quesadillas, there is a lot to the Mexican menu that you can only find in authentic Mexican restaurants. These dishes often use simple and fresh ingredients, transforming them into interesting, colorful, delicious dishes.

Here are some of the most common Mexican dishes you can find in Australia.

1. Chilaquiles

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Chilaquiles are not only satisfying but also addictive. Like most comfort foods, they are easy to make. The chilaquiles are native to Mexico, and like enchiladas, they consist of repurposed tortilla chips.

The recipe includes fried tortillas cut into square or triangular shapes. The tortillas are then covered in sauce and melted cheese. In some places, you can find them with egg, meat, or vegetable toppings. Some restaurants add sesame seeds.

In Australia, you can find this native Mexican breakfast in Mexican restaurants such as La Trotilleria, Bogeda Underground, El Torito Mexican Restaurant, or Revolucion Mexicana ADL.

2. Huevo Rancheros

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Say you take time to visit Australia, then start craving something Mexican. The problem is that you are vegetarian, and tacos are out of the question. If you are looking for an alternative, huevo rancheros are the solution.

Fresh huevo rancheros are the perfect vegetarian meal. It is rich in protein, hearty, and features corn tortillas with a fried egg topped with warm salsa. Some restaurants include beans, some fino; others refried black beans.

If you love tomatoes, you can get your rendition of huevo rancheros with tomatoes on top of the salsa.

Trippy Taco, Pepe’s Italian & Liquor, among many other breakfast joints, will most likely have some huevo rancheros for your breakfast.

3. Tacos

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Tacos are believed to come from Mexico, even long before the Spanish. In ancient Mexico, the people used soft, freshly-made, flat corn tortillas and filled them with fish and other cooked organs. To date, tacos are a staple meal in Mexico and pack a lot of vital nutrients.

To date, the main ingredients of tacos include tortillas, meat, vegetables, and cheese. The garnish consists of cilantro and chopped onions. Some places serve tacos with beans, rice, and a slice of lime to enhance the taste.

In Australia, you can find the best tacos at El Loco at Excelsior, Juana Taco, Los Hermanos or Dos Senorita in Sydney.

4. Burritos

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A burrito is a Mexican dish that rose to popularity after moving to California. The recipe features a flour tortilla with various pepper and seasoning alongside the refried beans. Some places offer burritos with lettuce, sour cream, and cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla shell.

Alternatively, you can eat burritos filled with shredded chicken, pulled pork, roasted veg, beef, eggs, homemade guacamole, jackfruit, chilies, black cantina beans, and rice.

In Australia, you can find burritos at Bay City Burrito, Mexican Burrito Cantina, or Trippy Taco.

5. Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote

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This chicken or wild turkey stew is a delicious and famous soup that many Mexicans enjoy making, especially during the winter. It is super tasty.

The ingredients include pork, pork ribs, canned corn, onions, garlic, salt, pepper, guajillo chilies, vegetable oil, Mexican oregano, lettuce, radish, tortillas, and lemons. Usually, the vegetables and meat are cooked separately to trim the fat from the pork.

After cooking, most places serve the pozole with a slice of avocado. Try pozole from Mexican Burrito Cantina, and you will get to appreciate authentic Mexican dishes.

6. Menudo

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Have you wondered what you can use to treat your hangover? If you want to try something other than aspirin, then the tasty and aromatic Menudo soup will be a good alternative. The soup has a distinctive spongy texture, which means you will return to normal in a few minutes.

Mexican Menudo soup recipe features a tripe cut into small sizes, cow’s feet, marrow bones, onions, garlic, salt, and dry oregano. You also need guajillo peppers, cumin, and garlic cloves to make the soup.

You can get the Menudo soup garnished at the restaurant with a lemon wedge, dry Mexican oregano, Piquin peppers, and onions. It is then served with warm corn tortillas for the added spongy texture.

In Australia, you can get Menudo soup from Mexican Kitchen, Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar, or Taco Quetzalcoatl’s.

7. Tamales

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Another Mexican dish you can find on menus across Australia is tamales. These tamales come in different forms, some using freshly ground corn and others dried corn. The filling can also vary, from sweet tamales stuffed with fruit to tamales with a savory flavor, filled with meat or vegetables.

Mexican tamales come in all shapes and forms. You can get some with fried pork, others with chicken and cheese. Others have burnt strawberries, while some use portobello or steamed pork.

You can try the menus at The Tamaleri & Mexican Deli, El Sabor, El Torito Mexican Restaurant, Hot Tamale, or Trippy Taco for a good serving of authentic tamales.

Final Thoughts

Authentic Mexican dishes give you a taste of home, even when you are a million miles away in Australia. The variety may not be as comprehensive as what is offered in North America, but there are a few restaurants that ensure you get the taste of best. Try out Mexican food in Australia today, and you will uncover a world of flavor and satisfaction.

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