KFC’s Exclusive Menu in Japan

KFC's Exclusive Menu in Japan

KFC is a fast-food chain that originated in the United States, but has since expanded to other countries. In Japan, KFC has adapted their menu for Japanese tastes and created an exclusive menu with items like Teriyaki Twister. If you are visiting Japan soon, make sure to try some of these delicious dishes!

Wa-fu Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

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One of KFC’s exclusive menu items that was created to give Japanese consumers a taste of home is the Wa-Fu chicken cutlet sandwich. This delicious meal consists of chicken cutlet and shredded cabbage sandwiched between two slices of whole grain buns, but what really makes it stand out from other sandwiches is its unique sauce!

The addition of special mayonnaise and soy sauce-flavored teriyaki sauce is what really gives this sandwich its special flavor.

Chicken Fillet Sandwich

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The Chicken Fillet Sandwich is another popular item from KFC’s exclusive menu. This sandwich consists of a tender chicken fillet, lettuce, and mayo sauce with olive oil all served between two tasty whole grain buns. If you are looking for something different than the usual chicken sandwich, this is definitely the way to go!

Teriyaki Twister

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One of KFC’s most unique items is the Teriyaki Twister. This delicious dish consists of a Colonel crispy chicken that has been coated in teriyaki sauce and then wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce, cabbage, grilled seaweed, and special mayo sauce. If you are looking for something spicy but sweet at the same time, this is the perfect dish for you!

Peper Mayo Twister

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In addition to the Teriyaki Twister, KFC also offers a Pepper Mayo Twister. This dish is pretty much the same as the original version with one minor difference – it has been kicked up a notch by adding tomato-based spicy picante salsa and pepper-flavored mayo sauce! If you are looking for something sweet and savory at once, this mayo twister will hit the spot.

Chicken Cream Pot Pie

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In addition to the dishes mentioned above, KFC also offers a Chicken Cream Pot Pie. This delicious dish consists of cream sauce with chicken chunks served inside a flaky pastry shell. If you love creamy dishes, this pot pie is definitely one to try while visiting KFC in Japan!


Image Source: takahiromashiko

Something sweet that you can enjoy is KFC’s Biscuit. This dish consists of a donut-shaped biscuit with honey-flavored maple syrup served alongside. If you are looking for something sweet to satisfy your cravings, this dish is perfect!

Sweet Potato Pie

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The last dish on KFC’s exclusive menu is the Sweet Potato Pie. This dish consists of sweet potato filling tucked inside a flaky pastry shell – it’s the perfect way to complete your meal at KFC in Japan!

Final Words

KFC’s exclusive menu in Japan has been designed to appeal to Japanese tastes. The dishes on the KFC exclusive menu are a perfect way for you to get a taste of what it is like when traveling around Japan! If you enjoy these foods, make sure that you don’t miss out on an authentic experience while visiting this wonderful country.

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