13 Exclusive Pizza Hut Menu Items in India

Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza chains in India. They have a menu that’s different from what you would find at Pizza Huts elsewhere. Pizza Hut offers 13 exclusive items on their menu for Indians to enjoy. If you are one of the lucky few who gets to visit this country, make sure to take advantage of these amazing deals and indulge in some delicious Indian-inspired cuisine.

Momo Mia Pizza-Veg

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The first item on the list is the Momo Mia Pizza. This pizza has a pan crust topped with delicious paneer & veg momos with spicy Schezwan sauce and mozzarella cheese. Veg momos are dumplings made of vegetables including onions, garlic and cabbage which are usually served in hot soup or fried as a snack.

Schezwan sauce is a spicy chili-based Sichuan sauce that is commonly used for dipping or in stir fry dishes. This pizza also comes with onions, capsicum and sweet corn which are just some of the most popular toppings on traditional pizzas in India.

Momo Mia Pizza-Non Veg

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This is the same as the Veg Momo Pizza but with chicken momos instead. Chicken momos are also dumplings made of minced meat, onions and spices cooked in a steamer or fried in oil. This pizza is topped with spicy Schezwan sauce, Schezwan meatballs, onion, capsicum, and mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Tikka Pizza

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Next on the list is a favorite among Indian pizza-lovers: Chicken Tikka Pizza. This pizza has a whole lot of marinated chicken tikkas, which are grilled to perfection and then placed over fresh toppings along with onions, tomato, and cheese.

The result of this amazing combination of ingredients is a pizza that is not only exclusive to India, but also one of Pizza Hut’s most popular menu items.

Tandoori Paneer Pizza

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Another popular Pizza Hut menu item in India is the Tandoori Paneer pizza. This delicious dish has a generous amount of paneer tikka pieces on top along with fresh onions, green capsicum, red paprika, tandoori Sauce, and mozzarella cheese. The marinated cubes are roasted to perfection which gives them their characteristic smoky flavor.

Tandoori Onion Pizza

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The Tandoori Onion pizza is a mouth-watering combination of onions and cheese. This simple combination is elevated to another level with the addition of tandoori sauce and specially-prepared onions. This pizza is a delicious way to enjoy spicy, cheesy Indian flavors.

Veg Kebab Surprise Pizza

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This Indian-exclusive pizza is a real treat for vegetarians. The Veg Kebab Surprise Pizza is topped with Veg Kebab, mozzarella cheese, and also comes with onion, capsicum, Tomato & Sweet Corn along with Tandoori Sauce to give it that authentic taste of India which you will love!

Malai Chicken Tikka Pizza

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A rich and creamy tomato sauce topped with cheese is probably your go-to order when you’re out for a good pizza. But in India, Pizza Hut has taken this classic staple to another level by adding an Indian twist!

This chicken Malai Tikka Pizza is topped with Herbed Onion, chicken tikka pieces in malai marinade sauce, Green Capsicum, Red Paprika, and mozzarella cheese. This Indian-inspired dish is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings.

Spiced Paneer Pizza

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If you’re looking for some more paneer, look no further. Spiced Paneer Pizza takes the basic cheese pizza and spices it up by adding cubes of paneer marinated in spicy masalas to it! This delicious Indian-inspired blend of ingredients is topped with onions & tomato along with cheese for that extra cheesy flavor.

Veggie Tandoori Pizza

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Another vegetarian pizza on the list, this one is a real treat for all those who love Indian flavors. The Veggie Tandoori Pizza has delicious roasted veggies along with mushroom pieces marinated in tandoori spices to give it an authentic taste.

This mouth-watering blend of ingredients comes topped with mozzarella cheese and Tandoori Sauce for that extra flavor.

Baked Cheesy Momos Veg

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Now that you’ve seen the pizzas, let’s check out what goes perfectly with them- their side dishes! The Baked Cheesy Momos Veg is a delicious combination of momos, spicy Schezwan sauce & creamy mayo.

These dumplings are filled with tasty veggies along with paneer then baked in cheese. This side dish has the perfect blend of flavors which makes it an excellent choice to go along with your pizza!

Baked Cheesy Momos Non-Veg

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This is the same as the Baked Cheesy Momos Veg, except that the momos are stuffed with chicken instead of veggies and paneer. If you’re someone who prefers to have meat along with your pizza, then this one’s for you!

Indi Rockin Roll Non-Veg

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If you’re someone who loves to have something spicy along with your pizza, this one’s for you. The Indi Rockin Roll Non-Veg is a simple dish of tortilla rolls stuffed with chicken tikka pieces, Mint Mayo, and Melted Mozzarella Cheese. The combination of flavors is sure to leave you wanting more. They also offer a vegetarian version of Indi Rockin Roll.

Zesty Paneer Pocket

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One of the most unique side dishes on the list is this one- Zesty Paneer Pocket. This mouthwatering veggie pocket comes stuffed with spicy paneer, fresh veggies, and Smoked Texas Garlic Sauce. This side dish is the perfect blend of flavors which makes it an excellent choice to go along with your pizza. You can also get a non-veg version of it.

Final Words

Indian cuisine is rich in flavor and spices, so it’s no surprise that Pizza Hut India has come up with a menu full of Indian-inspired dishes. The 13 exclusive items on this list should satisfy any pizza lover looking for something different to try while they’re visiting the country!

From spicy Tandoori Onion pizzas to baked momos filled with paneer or chicken tikka pieces, there are plenty of unique flavors you’ll want to sample during your trip. It can be difficult selecting one dish from such an extensive list, but we recommend trying the Chicken Tikka Pizza, Indian-style Spiced Paneer Pizza, and Momo Mia Pizza along with Zesty Pocket. You won’t regret it!

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