5 Exclusive KFC Menu Items in NZ

KFC is a fast food restaurant that has been around for 50 years. They have become a staple in New Zealand, and they are loved by all ages. In order to make the KFC experience even better, they have five menu items exclusive to NZ! In this blog post, we will explore these 5 exclusive menu items and show you what makes them so special!

Big Snack Burger

Image Source: KFC

Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a burger. But if you want to mix things up on your trip, the Big Snack Burger is right for you! The “Big” part comes from two chicken patties that are topped off with cheese and lettuce before being enclosed between sesame seed buns.

If there was a burger that resembled a Big Mac, it would probably look just like the one from KFC. So stop by this fast food restaurant and treat yourself to a delicious Big Snack Burger!

Popcorn Chicken Slab

Image Source: mrs.nordstrom.food

Next up, we have the Popcorn Chicken Slab. This dish consists of fried popcorn chicken that is sandwiched between two slices of bread rolls before it’s topped off with cheese sauce and smoky BBQ sauce. It looks like a pretty standard sandwich but don’t let its appearance fool you; this fast food item will taste delicious!

Aioli Twister

Image Source: KFC

Just when you thought KFC couldn’t get any better, they unveil the Aioli Twister! This popular menu item is a twist on the classic chicken twister that uses shredded lettuce, red onion, tomato and aioli to top off this tortilla wrap before adding in two pieces of Secret Recipe tenders; giving it an extra kick!

It might be called the “Aioli Twister” but it’s pretty much just an upgraded version of the original chicken twister.

Aioli Flatbread Slider

Image Source: KFC

Since we’re on the topic of Aiolis, let’s move on to our next exclusive menu item! The Aioli Flatbread Slider is made up of a warm flatbread that acts as the base for a secret recipe tender topped with fresh salad and their famous aioli sauce!

This item is great because it resembles classic sandwiches while still having its own unique flavor thanks to the aioli sauce.

Cookies & Cream Mousse

Image Source: KFC

Finally, the last item on this list is a sweet treat that can be found at KFC; Cookies & Cream Mousse! This dessert consists of cream biscuits blended throughout cream mousse and topped with crushed cookies. Again, it might seem like your average dessert but don’t underestimate its delicious taste!

Final Words

If you’re looking for some new, exclusive KFC menu items to try out in New Zealand, this list is perfect for you! From burgers and sandwiches to dessert treats, there are plenty of options available. But our favorites have got to be the Aioli Twister and Cookies & Cream Mousse; they taste so good we can’t get enough!

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