7 Exclusive Burger King Menu Items Available Only in France

7 Exclusive Burger King Menu Items Available Only in France7 Exclusive Burger King Menu Items Available Only in France

The Burger King fast food chain is a worldwide phenomenon, but some of their menu items are only available in certain countries. In France, the company has 7 different exclusive items that you can’t get anywhere else! From Master Montagnard to Trio De Beignets, these dishes will have your mouth watering for more.

French Veggie King

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The French Veggie King will make all vegetarians feel like royalty. It contains a flame-grilled vegetable patty topped with mustard sauce, arugula, crispy onions, and slices of melted cheddar. It’s sure to satisfy the taste buds of any burger lover looking for that distinct veggie flavor without all the meat.

Master Montagnard

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There are two reasons to love this one. For meat lovers, it contains a charolais beef patty topped with bacon and shallot sauce on a soft brioche bun for that extra hint of sweetness. The other reason? It has tender onions! Burger King France clearly puts their own spin on things by adding these unique veggies to make the Master Montagnard an instant classic.

Chicken Louisiane Steakhouse

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Like we said, Burger King France puts their own spin on things and the Chicken Louisiane Steakhouse Burger is a perfect example of that. It contains crispy breaded chicken topped with spicy Cajun-style sauce, crispy onions, slices of bacon, slices of melted cheddar and serves it all up in between two soft buns for an extra satisfying meal.

Long Chicken

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Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like! It’s a long chicken burger that features fresh, tender breaded chicken topped with spices, crunchy salad and extra long buns. This one will really fill you up, but we promise that the taste is worth every bite!

Energy Chicken Bowl

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We’ve already talked about the burgers, but there are also some great salads only available in France! The Energy Chicken Bowl is a mix of fresh salad, marinated tomatoes, mozzarella balls, shallots and herbs. Then it’s topped with tender breaded chicken for that extra satisfying crunch and served with a side of creamy mayo.

Crousty Chèvre

Image Source: Burger King

A side of goat cheese? Yes, please! This one is perfect for all you vegetarians out there or anyone who just wants to add a little more flavor to their meal. Made with breaded and fried fresh goat cheese served with creamy mayo sauce on the side, this is an absolute must-try!

Trio De Beignets

Image Source: Burger King

And for dessert, we recommend trying out some of Burger King France’s delectable pastries! The Trio De Beignets contains three fried pastries filled with chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, and Speculoos. They’re a sweet reminder of the delicious desserts you can find in Paris!

Final Words

It’s no surprise that the French have a different take on fast food. If you’re in France and looking for something to satisfy your hunger, there are plenty of options available only at Burger King! The 7 exclusive menu items we’ve listed here should be enough to get your mouth watering. Whether it’s burgers or salads, these dishes will give any taste buds an adventure they won’t soon forget.

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