American Fast Food in Australia

American Fast Food in Australia

They say food is a universal love language, and that is true. Food can take you back home, even when you are a million miles away. Whether you are traveling to Australia or just need a quick bite to get you through the day, there are hundreds of options, but today, we bring you the best American fast foods in Australia.

Top American fast foods

America is known for having some mouth-watering fast foods. These foods are so popular that you can find them in almost every corner of the world. They range from spicy wings to the infamous tacos, from pizza to huge burgers.

Australia is no different. You can find the serving of your best American fast foods from both local restaurants and international brands like McDonald’s. Here are the top 5 American fast foods you can try while in Australia;

  1. Burgers
  2. Tacos
  3. Pizza
  4. Sandwiches
  5. Fried Chicken


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Burgers are America’s number 1 favorite fast food. So, you can expect that at the top of the list of the best American fast foods, a big mac stands head and shoulders above all else. The burger itself represents the nation and is the face of the McDonald’s industry. It is, in fact, the most popular fast food item on the planet.

The meal consists of two all-beef patties, some crisp shredded lettuce, American cheese, pickles, some Big Mac special sauce, and onions sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. The franchise claims to add no artificial flavors, but the pickles have some.

You can get the perfect Big Mac from one of the many McDonald’s around Australia.

Alternatively, you can go with a whopper. In America, you can get your serving of a beefy whopper from Burger King. However, when in Australia, you can walk into any Hungry Jack’s restaurant (still Burger King) and request one freshly made whooper.

The dish contains flame-grilled Aussie beef with a rich and mouth-watering smoky BBQ flavor, sandwiched between a toasted sesame seed bun with ripe tomatoes, fresh lettuce, pickles, mayo, tomato sauce, and some onions.


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Tacos are another American fast-food favorite. Although they originate from Mexico, tacos are making big waves across the world.

Of course, different restaurants serve their tacos differently, but all tacos have some fundamentally similar ingredients. These would include tortillas, ground beef, some seasoning, salsa, crisp lettuce, some juicy tomatoes, and some cheese.

You can do some line, hot sauce, or avocado too. If you are vegetarian, you can find other options, like guacamole tacos, from vegan restaurants around Australia.

In Australia, there are hundreds of places you can enjoy tacos. Los Hermanos, Dos Senoritas, and El Loco are just examples of restaurants with a wide variety of tacos.


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One cannot talk about the best American fast food without including pizza. Yes, it is an Italian-native meal, but America loves pizza, so much so that more than a hundred acres of pizza are consumed every day.

In Australia, you can find America’s favorite pizza at Domino’s or Pizza Hut. However, if you want to try different styles, you can try some from restaurants nationwide. Some of Australia’s best places to enjoy pizza include Beagles Pizza, II Buco, Station Bar and Wood-Fired Pizza, El Capitano Pizzeria, Frankie’s or Sam’s Pizzeria, among many more.

Like the menu in America, pizzas in Australia come in different flavors. You can enjoy Pepperoni, BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, Chicken alfredo, vegetarian, Italian sausage, etc.


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About 50% of Americans eat a sandwich every day. This favorite fast food package is easy to make, hence its popularity. Now, you can make a sandwich at home, but you can also get one from Subway on your busy day at work.

Sandwiches come in many forms. It could be a beef or chicken sandwich or a simple egg sandwich. Wraps are also a common recipe, and you can find all of these at your favorite sandwich store.

The best American sandwich spots in Australia include Dannyboys, and Subway.

Fried Chicken

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The list of America’s fast foods in Australia cannot end before we mention some fried chicken. From hot spicy wings to nuggets, chicken tenders, whole chickens to drumsticks, you can enjoy your share from Red Roaster or Oporto.

KFC takes you to the Southern United States with its variety of chicken. You also get your serving of chicken with America’s staple food, potatoes. Most restaurants serve them like french fries, but sometimes, you can get them baked.

The chicken menu comes as flamed grilled chicken, chicken burgers, or salads. At Chick-Fil-A, you can get all these types of chicken on the menu. McDonald’s also serves a tantalizing happy meal. If you want to enjoy a Snack N’ Go Chicken wrap, Dunkin is the place to be.

Final Thoughts

We live in a fast-paced world, and if you do not like waiting, you can try having one of America’s favorite fast foods in Australia. From franchises with American recipes like Mcdonald’s to others that are adapting to the changing geographical location, you could use some comfort food once in a while. Australia has a wide selection of American restaurants, from Pizza hut, Domino’s, and KFC to Subway. But if you want the same food with an Aussie twist, countless restaurants in the country offer your favorite combination.

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